Anabolic halo review

The only ingredient that stands out as being potentially underdosed is the tart cherry concentrate. A maximum dose of Halo only contains 500 mg, which would be unlikely to provide adequate levels of the active components as studied by scientists. In addition to this, this reviewer would have liked to see a higher proportion of the faster digesting hydrolysed whey protein, or perhaps the substitution of whey protein concentrate with whey protein isolate. Finally, this reviewer would also have liked to see higher proportions of the more exotic carb sources, instead of relying predominantly on maltodextrin. Although fixing all these minor flaws would make the product superior, it would however make the product prohibitively expensive. So overall, MuscleTech have struck a good balance between quality and value.

You should take protein and creatine as your key supplements or a Weight Gainer product if you want to gain maximum mass. Take a whey protein shake 2 to 3 times per day with one serving being just before your Halo immediately after training and take creatine monohydrate powder or a creatine tablet (like Creakic or Creadex). Start off taking 4 servings per day for the first 5 days and thereafter take 1 to 2 servings per day (2 on training days and 1 on non-training days). To gain mass at the fastest rate, you can either do the Nitro/Cell stack (Nitro 3 times per day and Cell-Tech twice on training days and once on non-training days - always take one serving of Nitro immediately, followed by Cell-Tech right after training) OR you can use a weight gainer like Mutant Mass (along with powdered creatine) or Mass-Tech or Muscle Fuel Anabolic (which already contain creatine). If your diet is good (high in calories and protein), go with the Nitro/Cell stack, if your diet isn't so good, go with one of the mass gainers - start off with 2 to 3 scoops twice daily and increase until you are gaining the desired amount of weight per week (1/2 to 2 kilos).

I use the attack the fat syrup and have been losing 1kg per month and that’s how I like it, I do NO exercise and don’t watch what I eat, which works for me, a year later and I’m exactly 12kgs lighter. I’m sure if I maybe did some sort of exercise and cut out my big bags of chips I would have lost more. But I’m in no rush. Then a party came up and I decided to try the fat burn drops,I took the 5day course, I lost 3kgs in 4days with that course. I’ve decided to just use the drops when functions come up. And I don’t get why people complain about making a lot of trips to the loo, like hello why do you want that waste sitting in your body. Just fat storing up gosh!! Ill try the burner tablets now in conjuntion with the syrup as its almost summer time, good luck to all and just be patient ladies 🙂

Anabolic halo review

anabolic halo review


anabolic halo reviewanabolic halo reviewanabolic halo reviewanabolic halo reviewanabolic halo review