Belgian steroid cows

But that doesn’t keep it from being a stepping stone to some pretty amazing selective breeding opportunities that could give us the equivalent of designer babies even without genetic engineering. See the Belgian Blue? That’s a single mutant gene that turned out to be helpful, and that simple breeding habit was propagated for more than a century. We’ve already seen  human children who were born with the equivalent of the myostatin defect seen in the monstrous cattle. Picture a time when we discover other, relatively rare but potentially advantageous, genetic mutations. Imagine if everyone had the ability to comb through their sperm and find those mutant gametes with the desired traits you want. You could optimize your offspring – give yourself super babies with no genetic tampering required. Long before genetics is ready to replace it with something better, sexual reproduction is going to get more and more impressive thanks to modern technology.

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Belgian steroid cows

belgian steroid cows


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