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But talking about these issues can bring hard questions. Like any other form of activism in China, feminist movements aren’t tolerated. A group of women known as the Feminist Five were arrested and detained for 37 days in 2015 for planning a protest against sexual harassment on public transport. Leta Hong Fincher, the author of Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China , believes that it’s not just activists “who label themselves as feminists” that the government is concerned about but also individual young women like Yao who “want more choices” and who are reshaping society by putting their own priorities, rather than the Chinese Communist Party’s, at the center of their lives.

In a July 2012 interview published by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Chen Zhangho, the lead doctor for the Chinese Olympic team at the Los Angeles , Seoul and Barcelona Olympics told of how he had tested hormones, blood doping and steroids on about fifty elite athletes. [4] Chen also accused the United States, the Soviet Union and France of using performance-enhancing drugs at the same time as China. [4] Chen also blamed foreign experts for "lying" to the Chinese about the effectiveness of doping, saying he and others "blindly believed them like fools". [4] The Chinese officials eventually concluded that training was the key to performance and that taking drugs did not guarantee this. [4]

Chinese woman swimmer steroids

chinese woman swimmer steroids


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