Different steroid nasal sprays

Sorry about Ellie’s tumor and that you are not getting more help from your vet. There are treatment options for nasal tumors. If your vet is not offering treatment options or a referral, I recommend finding an oncologist. Check at http:// , and click on find a specialist. The main treatment is radiation. Check out these blogs.
Also I wrote a chapter on nasal tumors in the Guide, plus there are more non-conventional options for tumors and a lot of good emotional support. Good luck. I am glad you found our blog!
All my best, Dr Sue

Both FLONASE ® and Nasacort ®   24 Hour nasal spray are OTC corticosteroid nasal sprays that relieve most nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion. FLONASE ® Allergy Relief, however, contains what—until going over-the-counter—has been the #1 -prescribed allergy medicine by doctors.** Plus, FLONASE ® was the first OTC nasal allergy spray indicated to provide 24-hour relief of both nose- and eye-related allergy symptoms. So if itchy, watery eyes are a problem for you during spring allergy season, FLONASE ® can provide you with ocular symptom relief you need to be greater than your allergies.

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Different steroid nasal sprays

different steroid nasal sprays


different steroid nasal spraysdifferent steroid nasal spraysdifferent steroid nasal spraysdifferent steroid nasal spraysdifferent steroid nasal sprays