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Question: have a 14 yr old shih tsu left by my sis who passes away. He is recently panting a lot & almost a seems uncomfortable. And I think he has dementia because he forgets where he is at times & loses his way around the house. He is also deaf & blind. My concern is how do I know when it’s time to put him down? I just don’t have the funds to visit a vet who will run costly tests to tell me the inevitable. I hate to see him suffer. Can I ask the vet to follow my wishes for euthanasia after a visit without running costly tests? Overwhelmed with all of this as I just took over his care.

Our rescued husky-German shepherd was diagnosed with Thrombocytopenia in December 2016. He was also diagnosed positive for heart worm. 9 months of rigorous steroids and antibiotics and he is finally bouncing back. We are almost completely off the steroids. Unfortunately, we still have the heartworm to deal with. The shots the vet is recommending are troublesome.
They are very expensive and I worry that pumping him with even more chemicals will upset the health he has finally regained. Any helpful information would be very appreciated.

Ferret on steroids daily mail

ferret on steroids daily mail


ferret on steroids daily mailferret on steroids daily mailferret on steroids daily mailferret on steroids daily mailferret on steroids daily mail