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For men with small, localized prostate tumors , we offer a treatment approach called focal therapy , or partial gland ablation. Focal therapy is a general term for a variety of noninvasive techniques that use such techniques as freezing, heat, electricity, or highly targeted seed implants that destroy only the portion of the prostate where the cancer is located. This approach may be particularly beneficial for men with recurrent prostate cancer in the prostate itself who have already received radiation therapy. Our brachytherapy experts are among the most experienced in performing these complex implants.

Hi I bought hardcore formulations d-zine and ultra-sten.. I ran the ultra-sten at 20mg per day for 40 days and I felt next to nothing..is this a real prohormone or is it bunk..last cycle I took was Antaes Labs mechabol which is methylclostabol and the hardcore formulations m-sten was maybe a tenth as strong as the mechabol if that…it just doesn’t add up…have you had any other complaints about hardcore formulations prohormones?..From all of my experience the m-sten Should be really close to the strength of superdrol and it doesn’t even touch superdrols strength… Please be honest I don’t want to waste my time and money on fake prohormones..thanks

Icon labs steroids

icon labs steroids


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