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1st place ( points): Brian Shaw of Lupton, Colo., received $72,000. 2nd place ( points): Hafthor Bjornsson of Iceland, received $22,000. 3rd place ( points): Jerry Pritchett of Phoenix, Ariz., received $17,000. 4th place (31): Mateusz Kielszikowski of Poland received $12,000. 5th place (29): Mikhail Shivlyakov of Russia received $10,000. 6th place (25): Vytautas Lalas of Lithuania, received $7,000. 7th place (): Dimitar Savatinov of Bulgaria received $6,000. 8th place (): Martins Licis of USA received $4,000. 9th place (): Zach Hadge of the USA received $3,000. 10th place (3): Krzystof Radzikowski of Poland received $2,000.

Mike Jenkins (November 3, 1982 – November 28, 2013) was an American professional strongman competitor from Westminster, Maryland . [1] Jenkins worked as a high school athletics director when not competing as a strongman. [1] He was a college and professional football player before switching over to strongman competition in 2007. [1] He won the Maryland's Strongest Man contest in 2007 which qualified him for the North American amateur national strongman championships later that year and he placed sixth in that contest. [1] He placed second in the North American nationals in 2009. [1]

Poundstone derek steroids

poundstone derek steroids


poundstone derek steroidspoundstone derek steroidspoundstone derek steroidspoundstone derek steroidspoundstone derek steroids