Tetrapanax papyrifer steroidal giant

Euonymus sanguineus   Loes. ex Diels (z6)
Very attractive Euonymus. This deciduous species buds reddish in spring and keeps a purple blaze all summer, because the oval leaves are red-coloured beneath; the young branches are dark purple. In autumn the leaves turn into brown-red and are very persistant. The flowering is very abundantly, with yellowish flowers having a red bloom. Although many Euonymus have a light bad-smell, but this species surpasses all with a strong "fish"scent in flowering- fruiting is moderate with any pink fruits with long wings; aril orange.

C. selloana can be used to great effect in mixed borders – at the back where the flower plumes will stand proud, or at the front, where it will make a bold punctuation mark. Repeated through a bed or garden it lends a sense of rhythm and continuity. Try it with plants that have a more rounded or horizontal habit such as Cotinus 'Grace' and Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy', whose purple-tinged foliage contrasts beautifully with the straw-coloured pampas. C. selloana also associates well with architectural plants such as Tetrapanax papyrifer and Chamaerops humilis.

Adjacent to the Cafe, which now occupies the remnants of the old vegetable garden, was started in 2011. The layout remains formal, but the planting within is relaxed and heavily reliant on mostly tender exotics planted out each Spring. The central planters dotted with Trachycarpus palms and Cordyline australis. Cannas, Dahlias, Bananas and Tetrapanax papyrifer are interplanted with large leaved hardy plants suchs as Ligularia and Rodgersia. These in turn are mixed with an array of tender Salvias, Ricinus, Cleome, Tithonia, Solanum spp and many more. The planting changes every year.

Tetrapanax papyrifer steroidal giant

tetrapanax papyrifer steroidal giant


tetrapanax papyrifer steroidal gianttetrapanax papyrifer steroidal gianttetrapanax papyrifer steroidal gianttetrapanax papyrifer steroidal gianttetrapanax papyrifer steroidal giant