Workout volume on steroids

Did check out Columbu's chest workouts - seemed cool, he has an astonishing chest that's for sure - hard to see bb's with a better looking chest than him so definitily worth a try. And I do think training a muscle 2-3 times per week is more valuable than the regular "only hit once per week" if you do it right and not go to failure all the sets and have good rest and eating habites. Especially if training naturally I think its of importance to stimulate protein synthesis (and besides - science has proven that steroids causes muscle growth even without lifting any weights at all - twice as much as natural trainers), so basically, I think it's important to stimulate the muscles more often in contrast to what most BB's advocate...

Hi Sean, Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much your audio programs have helped me in my running. I'm a marathoner/half-marathon who's run races for about 5 years. I started working with your audio programs last summer. I'd work out with them on the treadmill and discovered quickly that they have helped me run stronger and faster when training outdoors and running races of various distances. They've inspired me to set new, bigger running goals in 2009, all of which I'm well on my way to achieving. read more

Workout volume on steroids

workout volume on steroids


workout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroids